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Henna…what is it?

Henna, or Lawsonia Inermis, is a small bush that grows in tropical and subtropical areas. This plant is a natural dye pigment which gives the skin orange to maroon tones.

The final color we get varies according to the skin characteristics and another 3 criteria:

  • The processing time
  • The blood pressure
  • The acid mantle of the skin

As our body and skin are constantly evolving, the color is also likely to change according to the person itself, which explains why, from one woman to another, the final result can be different. Therefore, we cannot predict the outcome with absolute certainty.

Hengua is the mix of henna powder with jagua juice (100% natural), which is derived from a fruit that grows in South America. It stains a brown to black color, according to the skin type (see henna criteria).

You can use Hengua following the same advice as for henna. (It is better to rinse it in cold water).

How to apply henna paste?:

Lotions, creams and skin products create a barrier that will prevent henna from penetrating and dyeing the different layers of skin. Make sure your skin is completely clean, dry and oil-free before applying henna.

Apply henna paste and allow it to air-dry completely so the henna can act in depth (do not use any hair dryer). The amount of sugar contained in the pasta makes the henna crust adhere to the skin and stay stuck to it.

To get really good color, henna paste should be left on the skin for at least 6 hours. However, if the crust has fallen off, avoid contact with water as long as possible.
You can, for example, “clean” your skin with a fatty substance such as coconut oil.

Therefore, we have two solutions

You can decide whether to leave the paste on your skin or cover it with self-adhesive medical tape such as « Hypafix », that will allow you to move without causing the crust to fall off.

To get really good color, henna should be left on for at least 6 hours; it is better to apply the henna tattoo in the evening before going to bed. You will also avoid any contact with water.

After the crust is off, the henna stain will be light orange at first. It will darken considerably and get its nicest tone over the next 48 to 72 hours. So, as you may have understood, it is strongly recommended to get your henna tattoo 2 to 3 days before D-day.

In order to keep your tattoo as long as possible, make sure to properly dry and moisturize your skin after any contact with water.

How to store henna cones and powder?

Henna cones and paste should be stored in a cool place. In order to maintain henna good color and consistency over time, please note the shelf life of cones and paste is 12 days in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer.

As per henna powder, it can be stored at room temperature, protected from air and light.


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