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About us

The adventure has been launched 5 years ago in France with no other ambition than to design and create henna tattoos for special events and/or weddings. However, reality exceeded aspirations and our continued hard work and dedication gave our name the power to transcend the country’s borders; the creativity and unique style of our work, which combines traditional styles and a modern Western touch, has now won international recognition.


Our vision:

Through our work, we aim to make henna tattoos an art in its own right. Although henna is an integral part of Arabian, Indian and Muslim centuries-long traditions, we are looking forward to make it more accessible to everyone as a highlight of women beauty, without distinction of origins, cultures or religions.

Besides our treatments and services, we wish to provide you with quality ingredients so to allow anyone to make tattoos with 100% natural products, easily and from everywhere in the world.

We are doing everything in our power to highlight the qualities of the henna plant, whose multiple benefits are an excellent alternative to the chemicals ingredients, which have been known to cause many adverse health effects.

Our products and services:

All the products displayed online are 100% natural.
The henna paste is made in-house on a daily basis, then sold and delivered fresh so to ensure the best product quality.

We will give you the best advice for keeping your products fresh, applying henna and taking care of your tattoo, so you can keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

The paste we sell online is the same as the one we use during our treatments and that keeps all of our clients fully satisfied.



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